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  • Victorias parks - Victorias parks have some great places to camp and have something to suit all tastes. Youll find every option from luxury tents to remote campgrounds.


  • Australian Visa - Australian Visa - Australian Visa provide fast and efficient processing of Australian visa applications online.

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Distance guide

Travel Distance in Kilometres Recommended Days
Adelaide to Darwin via Ayers Rock and Kakadu National Park 4000 18+ days
Adelaide to Brisbane 2100 14 days
Adelaide to Melbourne via Coastal road 1000 7 days
Adelaide to Sydney 1450 7 days
Adelaide to Alice Springs via Ayers Rock 2100 10 days
Alice Springs to Darwin 2100 10 days
Alice Springs to Cairns 2457 10 days
Alice Springs to Brisbane 3100 14 days
Brisbane to Cairns 1720 7 days
Brisbane to Darwin 3500 17 days
Brisbane to Melbourne 1700 7 days
Brisbane to Sydney 1100 4 days
Melbourne to Sydney via coast road 1059 7 days
Melbourne to Darwin 3900 21 days
Perth to Adelaide 2800 12 days
Perth to Alice Springs via Ayers Rock 4200 21 days
Sydney to Cairns 2500 14 days
Sydney to Alice Springs 2830 14 days
Sydney to Darwin 4100 21 days
Sydney to Perth 4100 21 days

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